World travel, mission work, a love for cool clothes and people
helped to spark the idea that is Living in Frame. In the Spring of
2019, the idea formed in a college classroom in Malibu, CA
after previously returning from a mission trip in the Dominican.
The idea was that anyone anywhere young or old was capable of
capturing a moment in time at a certain place or of a certain
thing that inspired them. We asked ourselves, what if we could
create a company that sent out cameras and gathered photos
from all around the world from communities in need? And what
if the photos were taken by a member of that community? What
if we were to sale quality garments featuring those photos, and
for every piece of clothing we sale we give back to those places
in hopes to empower real life communities, homes, foundations,
and people for a better tomorrow?
In the July of 2019 a couple college roommates sent out their
first camera to Kamulu, Kenya in hopes that it returned with
at least something cool. Three weeks later, we received the
camera back and what we found on film was astonishing... With
a background in retail we went to work creating a company and
quality stylish garments featuring the photos we’ve received.
Since then we’ve grown in the places we’ve reached and
photos we’ve gathered. Our hopes are that we can continue to
share, inspire, and give back to people all around the world. At
the end of the day were just trying to do something cool.